Bundle Weechat

IRC made easy

Juju bundles define configuration and relations of a group of software. In this post I’ll review a bundle that deploys a secure IRC client and VPN. Combining multiple charms in a bundle make this setup very straight forward. By the end we’ll have a persistent IRC bouncer that can run... [Read More]

Pytest Template

Design details

This post builds on a previous post to go into details of the python-pytest charm template. In this post I will review the layout of the charm and how to write/expand the testing for your charm. Writing code with testing in mind from the start can make testing significantly easier.... [Read More]

Charm Create

Where to start

Charms are very flexible and can be written several ways and even in different languages. Having an opinionated template limits those options but gets you started faster. This post will cover a template we’ll be using for the pirate-charmers charms that get you started with unit and functional testing out... [Read More]


Setting sail

Several years ago I set down a path to move my personal infrastructure into juju control. Along the way I’ve written several charms and blog posts about the things I’ve learned and developed. Today I’m happy to announce I’m ending my solo effort because I am being joined by James... [Read More]