The blog

Started in early 2018 and created to be intentionally minimal with each post covering a discreet topic. I frequently find myself using technologies in unique ways and wanted to have a platform to document these projects for myself as well as share what I’ve learned with others. Hopefully you’ll find something of interest and maybe even learn something along the way.

I’m a big fan of software that will just do the right thing™ and I’m sure the blog posts will reflect that. Even when covering complex topics I try to provide an out of box example that is opinionated to get you started quickly.

About me

My name is Chris Sanders, I’m an Engineering Manager at Canonical, most famously known as the creators of Ubuntu. My team isn’t directly involved with Ubuntu we’re part of the BootStack fully managed cloud offering. I work closely with like minded engineers creating some of the most forward looking cloud technologies available. I started this blog to document some of these interesting use cases, particularly for non-enterprise applications.

I’m from and have always lived in the United States. I’m currently located in Huntsville, Alabama where there is a growing engineering community from a wide variety of disciplines.

Contact information

I’m not terribly active on social media if I’m not responding I’m probably just not checking social media accounts. The footer has my various contact accounts in it. GPG: 0x3cf239 available on ubuntu keyserver